The Aarogya Foundation’s main goal is to help save the lives of patients suffering from organ failure, largely resulting from kidney disease.  To achieve this goal, the Foundation carries out a range of important and life saving activities, ranging from simple but vital awareness campaigns to developing and enhancing the necessary technical infrastructure.

The Foundation’s specific objectives are as follows:

  • Promoting preventative health care.
  • Helping less fortunate people access proper health care.
  • Conducting research related to Human Organ Transplant and to improve the understanding of kidney disease and other organ health in Nepal.
  • Providing post-operative support to patients following their transplant procedure.
  • Conducting awareness activities about kidney disease and other organ health through media, field visits, volunteer services, seminars, interactions, etc.
  • Organizing health camps in different parts of Nepal and beyond.
  • Canvassing the Government to address kidney and other organ health disease issues at the national level.

Our Events

6th Nepal Transplant Games – 2072
6th Nepal Trans...
  • at 9-10 pm
  • Dasharath Stadium
  • 09
  • Nov
4th Nepal Transplant Games
4th Nepal Trans...
  • at 5 am - 5 pm
  • Dasrath Stadium in Kathmandu
  • 09
  • Nov
HLA Lab Inauguration
HLA Lab Inaugur...
  • at 11pm
  • Kathmandu
  • 11
  • Nov